Who we are

We are a creative studio focusing on high end architectural animation. Our artistic and problem solving team is full of energy and commitment, capable of creating captivating and informative projects for our clients who come from a variety of backgrounds including architecture, engineering and property development.

With fifteen years of experience in architectural visualization and animations, we are fortunate to be trusted by great companies in order to bring their visions to life through their projects based in Middle East, Europe and North America.

Our management team is based in London and our creative studio located in Lithuania, close to the Baltic Sea.

What we do

To implement your future ideas, we create films for architectural projects or marketing campaigns. Our goal is to tell the best story for unbuilt architecture schemes that will inspire a connection between many people and businesses.

We enjoy being a constructive part of the vision that highlights the passion, excitement and usefulness of plans bypassing imagination alone.

We believe that people connect better with stories and we thrive on telling a story using our strengths in mastering shape, colour, music and light.

How we do it

  • We analyse the content of your project and your target audience.
  • We propose a strategy in a structured timeline format.
  • Our 3D, post-production, VFX experts work in a flexible manner to best support you and to take account of any dynamic changes made to your design as it takes shape.

We are sure that our experienced problem solving team will deliver the best solutions to support you and your project and, by working in this well-organised way, we can guarantee amazing results.

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